How To Harmlessly Handle Your Office Grievances

How To Harmlessly Handle Your Office Grievances

Would you like to learn how to harmlessly handle your office grievances?  Most of us at some time in our careers have probably worked in an office or a workplace where we regularly interact with others.  This may have been with one or two coworkers or within a larger group.

Every office has its own unique environment, culture and politics.  Some are quite strict and stuffy whereas others are much more relaxed and have a friendly social feel to them.

You don’t generally get to choose those you work with unless perhaps you’re fortunate enough to be in a management position.  This inevitably leads to challenges on both professional and personal levels with your colleagues.  You’re not going to like everyone all the time, leading to subsequent flashpoints causing tension and stress.  Sometimes you can talk your differences through with others but we’ve all come across people who will never meet you halfway in any disagreement.  No matter how much you try you just can’t see eye to eye with them.

How To Harmlessly Handle Your Office Grievances

Whether someone really annoys you or just keeps taking your stapler, at times you need a way to relieve some of your work-related angst.  Well, I have a light-hearted method that may help.

I’ve always used video games as a fun way to relax and escape from everyday worries. This time I’ve found a couple of games that will bring you this along with an element of workplace retribution!  For all those times you’ve felt like throwing something at a work colleague, well now you can in the Office Fight game.

In this game, all hell has broken loose in the office and everybody has turned on you and they’re throwing objects in your direction.  In turn, you have to target them back to take them down first.  It’s you or them!  Each time they hit you reduces your energy level and the game ends if you run out.

You start by throwing crumpled paper and gain money for each office worker you hit.  You can then spend your money to buy more damaging implements, such as rulers, pencils and even monitors!  Just watch out for the angry boss who you will need to hit at least twice to restrain.  Don’t ignore the mouse either as extra money is on offer for a direct hit.

Just think of all the fun you can have imagining which characters resemble your real-life office colleagues as you target them for another headshot!

How To Harmlessly Handle Your Office Grievances

Now let’s focus on your boss.  Love them or loathe them?  After letting off all that steam in the previous game let’s assume you actually like your boss and would want to try and save them if they got into any difficulty.  Well, I’ve got that covered too in the Rescue Boss Cut Rope game.

Here you are presented with thirty levels in which you must safely release your boss to the floor to reach the portal.  On each level, he is tied high up by a series of ropes and there are a variety of dangerous obstacles that need to be avoided.  These lethal hazards include circular saw blades, swords, fires, toxic substances and beds of sharp upwardly pointing spikes.

To free him you simply have to swipe through the ropes but the order you do them and the timing is crucial or it’s likely to be a bloody end.

So will you rescue him or deliberately throw him into a saw blade and let him bleed to death?  I guess that depends on how you feel about your boss.  However you choose to play, it’s another satisfying game that should help reduce your stress levels.

When you’ve had enough of playing these two, the site I found these on has loads more great retro games to enjoy.  Most have a fun educational element to them and they even have some handy financial calculators you may find useful.

After playing these games you may view your colleagues in a slightly different way.  In turn, when you’re next in the office they may notice a cheeky smile or a little twinkle in your eye, but will have no idea why!


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