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Have you ever considered making money from video games?  The video games market is huge and growing at an exponential rate and there are several ways you could profit from it.

If you were to learn to code you could have a very lucrative career as a games programmer.  Alternatively, you could become a games tester or if you’re really good, become a professional gamer and compete in tournaments around the world, for big money.  You could set up your own stream to showcase your gaming talents, funded by subscribers and sponsors.  There are so many potential ways to make money from gaming.

If that all sounds like too much hard work and you’re of a certain age, perhaps you have some retro computers and video games, collecting dust at home.  These are becoming very popular with collectors.  You just have to check the likes of eBay, to get an idea of what your items may be worth.

Side Hustles by Influencer Jane Walters

I recently sold one of my Commodore 64 computers and a few games, for much more than I was expecting.  Connecting it all together and testing it beforehand, made me feel very nostalgic for the retro era I grew up in.

If you want more convincing on how popular retro games have become and the potential for making money from any you may own, then read on…

To get a feel for their increasing popularity, you need only look online and see the many games that are available to play on various platforms.  They don’t only appeal to the generation that grew up with them but also to a much younger audience.  The massive success of Minecraft, with its blocky graphics, has helped to bridge the generation gap and made retro cool with the kids!

I grew up playing pong, space invaders, Pac-man, jet set willy etc.  I still love the simplicity and cuteness of them.  It’s all about the gameplay rather than relying on cutting-edge graphics and cinema-quality sound.  Only the best games stand the test of time.

Side Hustles by Influencer Jane Walters

During a recent search, I came across some great retro games, such as one for mini-golf.  I’ve always loved mini and crazy golf.  I enjoy playing it in the real world and I enjoy playing video game versions too.  Few games bring out such diverse emotions.  It’s either insane frustration or immense smug satisfaction and I just love the wacky nature of it all.  This particular game was Nick Ultimate Mini Golf Universe and I was soon hooked.  Five courses of insane madness.  Ever considered playing golf with a hamburger or a chicken, instead of a ball?  Me neither, but I did say it was wacky!

From something insane to something a lot more practical… can you touch type?  If you can to a reasonable standard, this can open up many job opportunities.  Everybody uses a keyboard to some capacity, nowadays.  I learned to type during my college days and it’s undoubtedly the most useful skill I practice regularly.  Without having this ability, I wouldn’t be able to blog.

Whether you’re a novice or just want to increase your typing speed in a fun way, I have a game for you.  In Zombie Typing a series of zombies stagger across the screen, each one accompanied by a word.  Your task is to type the words as fast as possible.  As you do, the boy shoots the zombies, one by one and you score points each time.  If you’re too slow the zombies will reach the boy.  The game ends if the zombies reach the boy four times.

I found it quite easy, to begin with, but the zombies get quicker and the words longer, as you progress.  Eventually, the inevitable happens and it’s ‘game over’.  Clearly, the faster your typing speed is, the less challenging this will be for you.  If you don’t touch type, I can imagine it may be quite difficult from the start, until you’ve practised a bit.

Whatever your current ability, you’re sure to improve over time.  I love fun games that have a practical element built into them.  It gives me a good excuse to play them longer!

I hope this has got you thinking about possible ways you could make money from gaming and related skills.  Sure, there might be easier ways to make money, feet pics sell well if yours look good, but video games are a lot more fun to get involved with and anyone can do it!

Whether you have existing skills or would like to learn new skills, there is a range of opportunities to explore.

Do you have any retro computers and games, you’ve forgotten about?  You could cash in now or keep them as a long-term investment.  Whatever you do, don’t let them go on the cheap!

I’m hanging on to the rest of my retro computers and games, for now.  Interest and demand are sure to increase and prices will doubtless follow.

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