Side Hustles by Influencer Jane Walters

Side Hustles by Influencer Jane Walters

Making serious money is not easy, nobody is pretending it is and if somebody tells you they have a surefire way of making easy money with minimal effort, I suggest you run for the hills.  The old adage that ‘if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is’, is good advice.

Making good money usually requires such things as hard work, research, training and time.  You will also have to be prepared to fail a few times before hopefully being successful.  Although, any ‘fails’ shouldn’t be thought of in negative terms, but rather more as learning opportunities.

There are however a number of ways to supplement your income that you can fit around any other commitments.  On this site we’ve featured a number of ideas (side hustles) to make money, requiring just a bit of time and effort, but I often hear of people who give up all too readily.  They become disheartened and don’t stick with any side hustle long enough to reap the rewards.  With this in mind, I think it’s always useful to feature others who have been successful in finding ways of earning a little extra to make life a bit more comfortable.

Side Hustles by Influencer Jane Walters

Jane Walters has been blogging as an influencer for about ten years and now has several websites on various topics.  One of her sites is which features the several ways she earns a bit of extra cash to boost her income.  I recently spoke to Jane about some of her side hustles and asked for more details about her experiences.  This is what she had to say…

Hi Ashley, yes for me, making a bit of extra cash started with car boot sales.  I love a car boot sale, even now.  I’ve done loads of them.  I’ve sold everything from clothes to shoes, to pictures, mirrors, plants, jewellery and more.  I was on first-name terms with many other sellers and regular buyers.  It was a bad day at the office if I didn’t come home with £100 profit for 4 hours of my time.  I kept to a strict routine of arriving there by 7.30 am and being home by 11.30, no matter what.

I then got into eBay and used the ‘car boots’ to purchase items to sell.  My budget was no more than £3.00 per item and I’d be looking to triple the profit at least.  I now also source items from charity shops, or Facebook marketplace, such as designer label fashion items and can sometimes make several times what I pay.

Side Hustles by Influencer Jane Walters

There are not many days when I don’t have an eBay sale to take to the post office.  eBay is a real winner for me.

Just start by looking around your room and find those shoes that are a bit too tight, the jacket that doesn’t go with anything else in your wardrobe, then sell it online.  This will motivate you to find other things that you don’t need and your bank balance will soon grow.

I dabbled with Matched Betting, which is a risk-free way of making money online if done properly.  I actually really loved it, but being me, I wanted to get ahead of the game and couldn’t stick to the suggested remit of making money and sometimes lost money.

I liked the certainty of winning and I did make a profit but found the signing up processes tortuous, and I often went off track for the sheer excitement of ‘what if’, and of course the ‘what if’ meant gambling, which usually converted into losing.

It’s quite time-consuming and there’s a lot of tracking of money and bets to consider.  This one grabbed my attention for a while, but the winning amounts were too low and took too much time for me, although I know others who have made thousands of pounds from it.

I started to blog about making money to share my experiences.  This in itself provided me with another income stream mainly through paid links and posts.  I’ve since created blogs on other topics and also get paid for writing reviews and promotions, working for different brands, and marketing their products.  However, I only work with brands I personally know and trust. 

It’s important to join Facebook blogging groups to stay up to date on the latest opportunities.  You need to network as much as you can through other social media sites too.

In essence, do your research, be prepared to try different things and find online communities where you can get help and advice.  Be persistent and the benefits should come, in time.

Ok thanks, Jane, that’s really useful and anyone could make money following these principles.

I hope this helps to inspire you, to find ways to earn a little extra cash, for yourself.









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