How to Help Your Home Beat the Summer Heat

Have you considered relocating to Canada? It has a strong job market and excellent healthcare. Canada is safe with a relatively low crime rate and Canadians are welcoming and friendly. Halton real estate is a hot market currently and is beginning to have a big-city feel when it comes to purchasing property. Bidding wars, buyers waiving home inspections, and low interest rates lead to higher valuations.

The summers in Canada can be quite hot, making it an ideal place to have a kayak or canoe for boating, and enjoy the beautiful waterways. Your air conditioner doesn’t need to be the only tool to keep your home cooler. From keeping your blinds closed to planting some shade outside your house. Below are a few tips to help you beat the summer heat.

Plant Trees

Although these won’t be instant results, with a little bit of planning you can get nice results that will be twofold – update your curb appeal but also keep the inside cooler. A tree in full bloom can block more than 50% of solar radiation from entering your home. Find plants and trees that will grow in your area and plant them in front of windows that get hit by the afternoon sun.

Use a Fan

Place a bowl of ice, or something else cold like ice packs, in front of your fan. As the air from the fan blows over the ice, you will get a blast of chilled air. Position your fan in a corner, low to the ground, where the less dense cooler air is so that it can push the cool air around the room. You can also position a fan to pull air in from cooler parts of your house to circulate throughout the warmer rooms.

Shut Down Appliances

On a hot day, you’ll want to limit the sources of heat in your home. In the kitchen, avoid using your oven and try to stick to uncooked meals like salads. Many household appliances can also produce unnecessary heat. Try to hand wash dishes instead of running the dishwasher. In the bathroom, leave blow-drying and other hot grooming practices off your regimen—at least for the summer. Run your washer and dryer in the early morning or late evening.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains will keep out sunshine if they are properly fitted to cover the whole window. You may be able to have them custom-cut for your windows. A quality set of blackout curtains can be effective at blocking out heat from the sun. Some brands claim to block up to 90% more heat from sunlight, which obviously, can have a major effect on your home’s temperature.

Programmable Thermostat

A thermostat will keep your home cool and save you money on utility costs. Linked to an app on your phone, you can adjust the temperature when you’re not home, so you are not wasting energy. When you are on your way home, you can set your ideal temperature so your house is cool by the time you arrive back home.

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