How To Earn A Bit Of Extra Cash

How To Earn A Bit Of Extra Cash

There was a time when we could nip to the little Tesco to get a few things and spend about a fiver. Now it seems like we can’t go in there without parting ways with at least twenty quid, even though we were only in there for a few minutes.

And it’s not just food that has gone up in price – everything has, including our mobile phone bills and utility bills, but it’s not like our wages have increased in line with it all.

In fact, we’re supposed to feel lucky we even have jobs. Maybe we do feel lucky to a certain extent, but we all know luck doesn’t pay the bills.

Unless we’re lucky enough to win the lottery, that is.

Until our numbers come in though, we could benefit from learning how to earn a bit of extra cash without going out and getting a second job. You know, just a few quid here and there to bump up the bank account a bit or even to invest in an ISA or in stocks and shares.

Here are a few ideas:


If you sew as a hobby, it’s probably crossed your mind to sell your creations either at craft fairs or on Etsy or eBay. Indeed, friends and family may have admired your work and suggested you start a sewing business.

However, if you’ve ever sat down and priced up your products, you’ll know that taking time and materials into consideration, you’d either have to price everything so high no one would be willing to pay it, or you’d have to be willing to earn about 1p per hour.

But you don’t have to sell intricate patchwork quilts that took you three months to make or even a bag that took you an entire weekend. There are plenty of products that a) people will love to buy because they’re unique, and b) won’t take you forever to make.

For example:

  • Dog bandanas: People love to spoil their pooches and you’ll get tons of people buying funky dog bandanas from you.
  • Cat mats: A quilted mat for a cat won’t take you long to make and, like dog owners, cat owners love to buy unique gifts for their pets.
  • Face coverings: We may not have to wear masks in England at the moment but plenty of people still choose to wear one when out and about.


If you couldn’t tell the difference between a sewing machine and a bread machine but you’re always being complimented on your hair and make-up, why not offer to do other people’s?

Whether it’s mermaid waves, nail art or individual lashes, you’ll always find someone who wants to look their fabulous best and is willing to pay for it.


Don’t be scared by the word ‘workshops’ – you don’t have to be an expert in anything or have any particular qualifications to enable you to share your knowledge.

But if you have a passion for something you feel you’re good at and confident enough you can pass your skills on to others, then workshops are a great way to earn some extra money.

If, as above, you’re a savvy sewer or a master at make-up, you could offer basic sewing lessons – maybe a simple tote bag or cushion cover – or give classes in applying false eyelashes without glueing your eyelids together.

It doesn’t matter what it is you’re good at – baking flapjacks, crocheting a pair of socks or writing short stories – someone will want to learn it and will be willing to pay for lessons.

How to earn a bit of extra cash

These are just three ways to earn a bit of extra cash. Even if you don’t sew or wear make-up, I’m sure there’s a workshop you could run!

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