6 Ways To Boost Sales In Fast Moving Consumer Goods Stores

6 Ways To Boost Sales In Fast Moving Consumer Goods Stores

Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG products are popular retail items to sell. They have a relatively low price and high turnaround. Demand is always strong for them too.

While many people know what they want from FMCG stores, some like to browse what’s available before buying any products. This article aims to help FMCG retail owners like yourself boost sales in their stores with some innovative marketing ideas.

Some of the following examples might be things you do already. In contrast, others could be exciting new ideas that are worth trying at your store. So let’s look at 6 ways to boost sales in fast moving consumer goods stores:

1. Make Your Product Placement Strategic

What are your best-selling products? If you know the answer to that question, you should ensure their placement is somewhere strategic within your store. For instance, candy and refreshments should be placed by your store’s entrance.

If space is at a premium, don’t cram everything into a small area. Instead, focus on the high-turnover products and display them somewhere prominent, like a shelf at eye level.

2. Use Appealing Merchandising Displays

Much of your target audience will be people who happen to pass by your store. You don’t want them walking away from you; instead, you want to entice them into your store to buy something!

You can achieve that goal by using appealing merchandising displays. Bright, colourful signs, banners, and seasonal window displays are just two examples of how you can grab people’s attention on the street.

3. Launch A Loyalty Program

Whether you’re looking for ways to increase sales for your vape shop, convenience store, or newsstand, it’s worth remembering that everyone loves free stuff!

One way to give freebies to your customers is by incentivizing their visits. A loyalty program that rewards your customers with free items and promotional discounts is an excellent way to keep them coming back.

4. Sell Your Wares Online

There’s no denying that e-commerce (and mobile commerce) is big business these days. As an FMCG retailer, you can take advantage of that fact by selling your store’s products online.

You don’t even have to go to the expense of setting up a website. Instead, you could sell your products through on-demand platforms like Uber Eats.

5. Show Your Customers That You Care

Did you know that your customers will most likely remember your store because of its excellent customer service rather than its products? It’s true.

Quality customer service won’t cost you a thing and helps leave a lasting impression on all your patrons. Simple acts like smiling at your customers, being polite, and helping them with inquiries or complaints will all help boost your sales.

6. Make Cleanliness A Priority

One final way to increase your store’s sales is something all retailers should do: make cleanliness a priority!  It’s essential to create a positive first impression as well as a lasting one.

No one wants to buy products from a store that is filthy inside and could potentially cause medical conditions (or flare up existing ones). Always try to clean all floors and surfaces and discard any leaking or out-of-date products from your shelves.

By following these simple steps you can enjoy the benefits of maintaining a well-managed and profitable business.

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