Reward Yourself For Making Budget Savings

Reward yourself for making budget savings

We like to promote the importance of using a monthly budget planner to keep track of our finances.  Only once we have a clear picture of how we spend our money can we start to address where savings can be made.  Once we have this information, we can try and spend it more wisely.  Hopefully, there will be a bit left over we can then use to reward ourselves for our good work with a few treats.

You may be surprised at just how much you could save on your monthly outgoings with a few simple strategies.

When it comes to food shopping try using a budget supermarket or switch to cheaper brands.  You probably won’t notice any difference in quality but could make significant savings.

Reward yourself for making budget savings

Learn to haggle.  Next time you’re renewing your car or home insurance don’t accept the renewal quote, shop around for a cheaper price and then use that information to haggle with your current provider.  If they won’t at least match the price then switch.  TV, broadband and mobile phone providers are also companies that you can usually haggle with and make possible big savings.

It’s not just online that you should be haggling.  Whether you’re in your local electrical store to buy a new TV or at the market buying fruit, never be too embarrassed to haggle.  Try it and it will soon become second nature.

Try using cashback sites and cashback credit cards for purchases.  This is an excellent way to make extra savings on items you would have bought anyway.  Although, ensure you pay any credit card balances in full each month.

These are just a few ideas for starters.  With a bit of thought and imagination, you could probably reduce what you spend on all aspects of your monthly outgoings.

The great thing about saving money is it should give you a bit extra so you can reward yourself for your hard work.  A few luxuries are essential to help keep you motivated to continue making savings.

When I say luxuries, that doesn’t mean you still can’t be savvy when purchasing them.  If you continue to be clever with your spending you can enjoy more treats!  Whether that’s a relaxing coffee with a friend, a meal out with your partner or a day trip to a theme park with the family.

There are loads of offers you can find online for various restaurants and leisure activities.  The only problem is it can be time-consuming trying to find offers that appeal to you.  I’m also reluctant to have to surrender my personal details, subscribe to emails or have to download an app multiple times.

Fortunately, I found a better way to have access to numerous offers with some generous discounts, courtesy of tastecard.

tastecard is the largest dining club in the UK, with over 3500 restaurants and pizza delivery chains, including well-known popular chains like Ask Italian, Prezzo and Pizza Hut.  Typical discounts such as 2 for 1, 50% and 25% off food and drinks offers are available.  There is something for everyone whatever your taste and budget.

In addition, there are many activities and attractions you can enjoy at a discount including cinemas, Sea Life centres and theme parks such as Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Legoland.

Reward yourself for making budget savings Theme parks can be expensive especially if you have a large family but with tastecard you can make big savings on the cost of tickets.

If you have young children then Legoland would be an ideal option as most of the rides and activities are more suitable for their age range.  The model village with the trains is my favourite feature.

Teenagers and young adults would probably prefer the likes of Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Chessington with their high adrenaline producing rollercoasters.

I’ve used my tastecard in a few local restaurants and coffee shops but it has become particularly useful when visiting London.  My daughter is currently at university in Guildford and we like having days out in the capital.  There are plenty of attractions where you can enjoy discounts such as the London Eye, the London Dungeon and Madame Tussauds.  The London Eye is a must-do attraction assuming you don’t suffer from vertigo!  The views are truly stunning on a clear day.

Reward yourself for making budget savings

We like to go to see a show or concert and will often visit a Zizzi first for a 2 for 1 deal.  It’s her favourite restaurant and we both love pasta and pizza.  There are loads of great restaurant deals in London.

You may wonder if there’s a catch and if it’s too good to be true.  All these discounts must come at a large cost you may think.  Well here’s the good bit.  An annual tastecard membership can be currently acquired from just £34.99.  You could save that much on your first meal out so it really is amazing value.

The only other thing to bear in mind is the terms and conditions of each offer.  Some are only available from Monday to Thursday, while others require you to book in advance so it’s important to check first.

After trying different money-saving apps, schemes and clubs this is the only one I now regularly use.

So anytime you’re spending your hard-earned cash try and make sure you’re getting the best value possible.  With that mindset, you will maximise every opportunity to make savings.  Just remember to stay focused because more savings equals more treats!








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